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Sofa worn to shreds? Chairs a little tattered? No need to replace them, let the professionals handle it. Clean Masters of the Bronx Area will clean your sofa, love seats, chairs, or any fabric or upholstered furniture that needs our attention

If your couch or sofa has started to look its age, it might be diminishing the look of your home. Our Upholstery Cleaning Service aims to restore your furniture by removing deeply engrained dirt, soiling, and spots-to make it look as new as the day you purchased it. Not only will you be extending the life of your furniture, you will be beautifying your home in the process.

But our multistep cleaning process goes far beyond just cleaning the surface of your favorite sofa. Dust-mites, dirt, dander and grime are but several of the nasty allergens lurking in your furniture, and we remove these harmful agents to make your living space a more healthy environment. And, all of our organic enzyme-based cleaners are safe for everyone in the household, including children and pets.

Our philosophy is simple, we strive to offer the most pleasurable furniture cleaning experience possible. So, if you want to rejuvenate the beauty of your furniture, while removing harmful allergens from your upholstery, give us a call today. Call or contact us today for a free estimate 800-491-9341

Upholstery Cleaning in Bronx

We will bring our expertise into your home to clean all your vinyl, leather, and cloth upholstered furniture with the highest quality:
We guarantee the complete removal of dust, smoke, pollen, odors, and etc. while maintaining the condition of your furniture. Drying time may differ according to the quality of fabric. Put our experience, product knowledge, and incredible attention to detail to work for you and get comprehensive cleaning solutions you can count on. We combat even the most stubborn stains and pungent pet odors.
Along with upholstery cleaning, we provide top quality drapery cleaning services to extend the life of your drapes. We clean any type of drapes right at your window for your convenience. Our technicians make sure that your draperies retain their color, length and vividness, during the process of removing all dust, odor, smoke, and other pests that may be hiding in your curtains.

Serving the Area Upholstery Cleaning needs of residents in the following locations:

  • Brooklyn
  • NYC (New York City)
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Manhattan
  • Long Island

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